Eva Osorio

Regulated Canadian

Immigration Consultant
Certified Translator (ATINS)

Global Proficio Inc. is an immigration consultancy firm located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We specialize in assisting clients to immigrate to Canada on temporary or permanent basis. 

The company was born out of the desire to guide potential immigrants to Canada to navigate the complex immigration system. 

Global Proficio 

Impacting Lives


Recent changes implemented by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada have brought about new requirements for certain immigration categories and the temporary closing of others. New restrictions have been imposed making it more difficult to immigrate to Canada.


These changes affect the number of people who qualify to immigrate to Canada. However, we believe that there is always a practical solution to every immigration problem and we will endeavor to find the right avenues for our clients to immigrate as long as they qualify under an immigration category. We will be candid in our assessment of all options and if we believe a client does not have a real chance to immigrate to Canada, we will advise them accordingly.


Eva Osorio is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. As such, Eva abides by a strict Code of Professional Ethics and is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). 


She is also a Commissioner of Oaths of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. An immigrant herself, Eva settled in Canada years ago and started working with refugees and immigrants in Nova Scotia in 2000. She worked as the Coordinator and, later, the Executive Director of the Halifax Refugee Clinic until 2008 and was elected as a Member of the Executive of the Canadian Council for Refugees for consecutive two terms.